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Thank you all for voting in last week’s poll. I hope y’all know that these polls are for educational purposes – for me. I find it really helpful to ask you questions and bounce ideas off of you. So thank you so much for participating in these weekly polls.

You may have noticed that I put a link to the weekly poll at the top of my sidebar. That is so that not a single one of you will miss helping me out with my questions.

Last Week’s Results

Last week I asked you “How often do you get out of the house in the winter?” Your answers ranged from every day to other (*smile*) 1 day per week. Some of you live in warm climates as well, making your circumstances a bit different than us northerners. We played in the snow yesterday, but didn’t leave the driveway.

  • Every day – I work outside of the home. 31% (8 votes)
  • 3 days per week 27% (7 votes)
  • Every day – I like to get out. 12% (3 votes)
  • 2 days per week 12% (3 votes)
  • 6 days per week 8% (2 votes)
  • 1 day per week 8% (2 votes)
  • Other: 4% (1 votes)

This Week’s Questions

This week I have two questions for you, both about blogging.

My first question is about blog readers (like bloglines, etc.) Just before I moved from blogger to wordpress I discovered blogger’s “following” concept. So I plugged in all of the lovely blogs that I keep up with and found a much simpler blog reading experience. Before that I had tried out bloglines but didn’t seem to like it, so just stuck with keeping bookmarks and checking them everyday or whenever I had time. That took up a lot more time. I find it so much more streamlined now that I am told when someone updates. Using a blog reader saves me lots of time, which is what I need.

For a while I was considering moving my blog back to blogger. Now that I’ve gotten used to the wordpress interface, however, I really like it and think I will stay. So… I have a wordpress blog, but read blogs in blogger. I am looking for something else, something better perhaps (though I do love the setup of blogger’s following). So, dear readers, please tell me how you read your blogs. I just put out a few things I have heard of into the multiple choice answers. Please share something else if it is out there.

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My second question pertains to this blog in particular. I like elements of my blog’s theme, but not all of them. I was looking over my blog on our laptop and thought to myself “This is obnoxiously difficult to read.” Then when I was at the library I went to my blog again. On their fancy big computer screens I didn’t find it nearly as difficult to read. So, be honest, dear readers. (And I am talking aesthetics here, I suppose if you find the content obnoxious we can discuss that another day).

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