It is time, once again, for some frugal talk.

In my first article you can find my thoughts on our move from a 900+ square foot home to a ~250 square foot home. Check out:

Our Move Off-Grid and Small Space Living

I share a recipe for a super easy, warm up the house with the oven meal in…

Oven-Baked Shredded Chicken (or turkey) Tacos

Finally, I share my favorite winter vegetables for seasonal eating in…

Eight Winter Vegetables You Should Be Eating Right Now

As usual I love to hear your thoughts in the comments of these articles.


2 Responses to Frugal Talk: Small Space Living, Baked Tacos, & Winter Vegetables

  1. Frogdancer says:

    I live in a small 1950 weatherboard house with my 4 sons. Space is at a premium, yet I find that living in a smaller home makes us think hard about what comes into the house (because there’s little room for clutter… though my 3rd son seems to find a way!) and it costs far less to run. As my friend said to me a year after she renovated: “Big house, big bills!”


  2. Kathi Harju says:

    Great articles! I love brussel sprouts, always have. But I remember a certain little girl that hated them LOL, yep, I’m referring to you :)

    On the small house stuff, I just read a small article on small houses the day before yesterday, and I went looking for it, but couldn’t find anything, but this link might give people some ideas:


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