Phew, it has been a long time since I posted a recipe here. I don’t even want to discuss how long it has been since I updated my recipe index. Whoops.

Ever since Annabelle was born it has been a scramble in the morning to put together breakfast (no pun intended). No matter how quietly I try to tiptoe out of bed to begin breakfast for the family she always stirs, wakes, and then declares she is hungry too with a consistent whaling cry. So inevitably everyone concedes breakfast to her first.

For breakfast I needed something I could throw together the night before, that would fill up the bottomless pits that are a family working the land every day, and would be cool since the days are warming up here in the south.

This soaked muesli recipe brings all of these components together for a mama who is pulled in many directions, as most of us are, or anyone else who wants a make-ahead breakfast for warm mornings. Plus, with the crunchy nuts or seeds and milk it kind of tastes like cereal.

Soaked Muesli

Recipe notes: This recipe is very versatile, so feel free whatever grains, dairy, fruit, and nuts you have on hand.

serves four


  • 1 3/4 cups old-fashioned rolled oats
  • 3 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1 3/4 cups yogurt, kefir, sour milk or other fermented dairy product (or 1 3/4 cup water + 1 T apple cider vinegar or lemon juice)
  • water as needed
  • 8 T sunflower seeds or other nut or seed
  • 1 cup diced fresh fruit (apples, bananas, berries, etc.)
  • dried fruit (optional)
  • raw milk as desired


  1. The day before you plan to serve the muesli combine the oats, chia seeds, and yogurt in a quart jar. Mix well. Add water and mix until the level of the mixture reaches four cups. Cover tightly with a lid.
  2. Allow to sit at room temperature until the next morning. (Don’t freak out, it won’t go bad. The friendly bacteria in the fermented milk will keep everything a-okay.)
  3. The next morning divide the muesli amongst four bowls. Top each with nuts and fresh or dried fruit. A blob of nut butter would not be out of place either. Serve in bowls with raw milk.

What’s your favorite warm weather breakfast?