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It was in the upper 80s yesterday and while I put off making supper a little longer, Ruth and I toddled out to the garden. I almost started to water the freshly planted rows of beets and turnips but a wandering Ruthie pulled me away. Abram took over for me, capable as he is in the garden, and reminded me that in so many ways we are passing on the baton.

This morning brought another warm day; sourdough toast, fresh eggs, and raw milk for breakfast. A side of cortido for those of us who like a little extra punch in the morning. The first iced coffee when I can’t bare the thought of drinking hot anything. A morning catching up on school interspersed with a freshly-mopped floor, dishes, and Ruthie snuggles.

My roots are firmly planted at home these days; feeding, teaching, and loving these little gifts. Still, the pull to the garden and the dirt is strong and it pains me just a little to welcome what is, by any reasonable measure, summer. So long spring, you were nice for a week.


Rough day, apparently.

Besides that wandering thought, I wanted to share with you that 100% RYE is now available in paperback. I have been so thrilled to hear from bakers such as Charles who emailed to say he hasn’t had rye bread this good since his Mom’s. Also, Ellen, who said they love the No-Knead Rye Sourdough Loaf. You can find the book in PDF, Kindle, or Paperback here.

What a treat to be able to share this bit of our kitchen with all of you!