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I’ve always enjoyed cheese, yogurt, kefir, and ice cream. But not since childhood have I been able to embrace the drinking of large glasses of milk. Even as we began getting fresh unpasteurized cow and goat milk I resisted. Instead, I liked my raw milk cultured, especially in the form of milk kefir.

But one thing I have always embraced fully and lovingly is chocolate milk. Recently I’ve been making it by the pint when a craving strikes. Cocoa powder does not easily dissolve in ice cold raw milk, though, and we don’t keep chocolate syrup on hand, so I’ve devised a little work around using raw milk and (raw, if you wish) cocoa powder.

And sometimes, when I need a little boost, I add a few extra ingredients for added nutrition.

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McGr_Nourished Kitchen

Recipe and photos reprinted with permission from The Nourished Kitchen written and photographed by Jennifer McGruther (Ten Speed Press, © 2014)

When I first started Nourishing Days, about six years ago, there were only a handful of real food bloggers that I knew of on the internet. I watched some of today’s biggest real food blogs come out of complete obscurity. Things have changed a lot since then, including a lot of what this blog is about, but a few of the earliest, and most talented, bloggers are now some of the biggest names in the food blogging world.

Jenny McGruther is one of those names. There was a time, though, that Nourished Kitchen wasn’t in everyone’s bookmarks or Pinterest boards (as if I know what that means). I had the great privilege of “knowing” Jenny then, through our mutual love for real food and blogging.

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She woke up to find a bunny staying with us for the day.
She woke up to find a bunny staying with us for the day.

She woke up to find a bunny staying with us for the day.

Moly mokes is what Annabelle says when something shocking or exciting or scary happens. “Moly mokes, mommy.” The disdain that rolls off that girl’s tongue along with the word “mommy” is a little shocking in its own right, and so I reply “Moly mokes, Frasser.”

Moly mokes, of course, being holy smokes.

And so, if you came here today and found something completely different I understand if a hearty “Moly mokes!” was in order. Stewart redesigned the site for me, wrangling ideas and aesthetics and other crazy nonsense into one cohesive look. I’ll probably be changing and adding a few things in the coming days or weeks, because I’m nothing if not indecisive. Or is it wishy-washy?

You can find more of Stewart’s work at his Nourishing Days Design site.

Onto the Food!

I shared a broccoli salad recipe at Food Renegade:

It’s sweet and tangy and rich and crunchy, but it’s also made more simply, with ingredients that won’t necessarily offend the delicate sensibility of that green vegetable called broccoli.

Have you ever had a black Spanish radish? These things are black and get big and round like a beet. They’re also nice and zippy and we’ve been known to take the stuff as a supplement for infections. Well, we grew a patch of them this spring and I wrote up a little bit about them in Garden to Table: Black Spanish Radish.

And for the least exciting, but totally necessary for your sanity part of cooking, I talked about the cleanup aspect of feeding the growing family.


The camera situation is still being worked out, but I figured a gratuitous baby shot was in order, even if it is a month old. Now I’d best be getting on with the rye and barley pancakes, fried eggs, and raw milk of breakfast before the hungry masses descend upon me.