The barn project has continued since its earliest beginnings and the addition of the 2500 gallon water tank.barn-outside2

There isn’t much to say except Stewart finished putting the tin walls up and began work on the stalls. He has completed three of the stalls which include using reclaimed pallets for doors.


This has worked out well so far for milking and getting them into shelter when it rains. We are currently separating two moms and their single kids overnight and milking them in the morning so these stalls are really coming in handy for that purpose.


Whenever I think of all of the farms and homesteads I have seen throughout the years, I now see all of the outbuildings and sheds and fencing in a completely different light. This is all infrastructure built either quickly with plenty of resources, or slowly over many years. In either case, much of the infrastructure is critical to productivity and food production. It is really the bones of a homestead we are building, layering on better soil or more animals and just more food production overall.


And so when projects like this come to fruition, we are really grateful for the tool something like a barn becomes to a homesteader. All of the resources and time and energy put into it is truly a gift and we thank the Lord for His work and His mercies in the whole process.

There is more to be done to finish up the inside of the barn including a new milking stand and some other additions. Lord willing, I will share that with you as we move forward.