I’m not much of a resolution maker. Write plans in pencil, history in pen – right?

I am a list-maker and a goal-setter, however, which is why Kimi’s nourishing New Year’s resolutions appealed to me so much. Originally, I was just going to share my goals regarding nourishing myself and my family through food. However, when I sat down to write this, it became much more apparent that nourishment is needed in my personal endeavors just as much as it is needed in our kitchen.


  • I would like to nourish my relationship with God by reading the Bible every day.
  • I would like to nourish my relationship with my husband by making time for him and attempting to know him and his needs more each day.
  • I would like to nourish my relationship with my children by setting priorities and being present with just them a little more every day.
  • I would like to nourish my family by taking better care of myself. More specifically I would like to lose about 25 pounds through getting more exercise and cutting out all sugar and grains.
  • I would like to nourish the things I love that will also be a benefit to my family – writing, reading, gardening, sewing, herbal medicine.
  • I would like to nourish my sanity by continuing to purge our home of unnecessary stuff while reorganizing only what is needful.

In the Kitchen…

  • My number one goal for this year is to be very serious about eating locally. More specifically, solely eating locally starting in June (with a few exceptions). We already have a couple of CSA memberships in the works, which I am really excited about.
  • We’d like to vastly expand our garden by working on it as a family and hopefully harvesting a bit more
    than last year.
  • I’d like to continue saving receipts and recording in detail what we are purchasing until the end of January so that I can have a better idea of how much money we truly need to budget for food every month.
  • I would like to brew my own kombucha.
  • I would like to grow our own sprouts.
  • I would like to make two quarts of fermented vegetables per month.
  • I would like to preserve food primarily through lacto-fermentation and drying. Of course some freezing and canning will be taking place if we are eating locally, but I would like to rely on those methods less.
  • Switch to healthier fats for cooking.