Do you ever get on the internet to look up a recipe and find approximately 189 versions of “The Best Chocolate Cake”? All of them are completely different, with different ingredients and different instructions, but they are all The Best. Confusing, no?

I’m not sure that these are the best Brussels sprouts, but it is the way I cook them almost every single time. It’s as simple as starting with a pound or two of the tiny little brassicas.

I preheat the oven to 400 degrees and break out a cast-iron skillet. While the oven is heating I go to work on the sprouts.


I remove any funkier looking outer peels and then slice off the bottom where the sprout would have attached to the stalk of the plant. Then slice them in halves or quarters, depending on how large they are. After that I simply toss them with some good fat (coconut oil, lard, etc.) and salt.


If needed I mix in some chopped carrots for sweetness and bulk. Then it’s 20-30 minutes in the hot oven before lunch time. They come out cooked through with some just starting to get that delicious near-burnt quality. It’s like Brussels sprouts french fries!

Maybe not the best, but still one of our favorite vegetables.