It has been great fun to watch this new space come together. At times slow and at times faster than I can imagine, this project has involved so many helpers.

The sheeting for the floor was put down a while back and finished once we all kicked the flu. Because of the delay, there was more floor to add, and the previously laid floor needed a good scrubbing.


So sweepers big and small got to clearing the dust.


I happily took the best job in the house for a pregnant lady – floor scrubber. But I was not alone. That warm afternoon Stewart and I attacked it together, enjoying the rare moment for conversation while watching the children run about.



And then the paint began to fly. First a coat of white laid down by little hands and then a coat of gray.


While this poor photo doesn’t necessarily show it, we ended up with a lovely light gray floor. The hope is that this new floor will not be quite as absorbent as the bare plywood we have slathered in water, crumbs, butter, lamp oil, and so many more parts of our last two years.


Not that we have anything against a buttered floor.


5 Responses to Construction Update: The Floor

  1. Martha says:

    This is looking really good. Since we once lived in a small camper, I can empathize with your situation. You all are very hardy to tackle this. Can’t wait to see the finished room. Take care.


  2. Chris says:

    So excited for you.


  3. isis says:

    it’s so incredibly nice to follow your family’s progress! it makes me feel all inspired. thank you for that!


  4. Heather says:

    Looking good!
    We have always painted our plywood floors.
    (I just realized that that statement is so not “normal”.)

    When we moved late last year, our new place had plywood floors that were *gasp* unpainted. Boy, did they hold dirt and dust and all other kinds of yuckiness. That was the first thing we did…well, the first thing I did into week 1- paint the floors. This time I went with a “coffee bean” brown. I learned from a light brown painted floor at our old home that darker colors hide the dirt better.
    (I just realized that that statement makes it sound like I never clean my floors.)

    Anyway, with a husband and 4 kiddos, dark brown painted plywood floors mop up pretty easily when there is time for cleaning them.
    Looking forward to seeing what the next step in building brings!
    Blessings to you and your family.


  5. Brynn says:

    Coming from an individual in charge of cleaning our “buttered floors,” I am very happy for you. Someday I’m sure we will seal our cedar plank floors, and I’m sure when the time does come I might just miss all the stories they tell. Currently, the fantasy of easily cleaned floors does sound a bit delicious!


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