Thankfully no one in our home has officially been diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. We do, however, try to limit our wheat intake. Doing so just makes us feel better. And I am finding more and more people who notice the same thing.

So I developed this soaked buckwheat pancake recipe. Buckwheat is a gluten-free pseudocereal rich in iron, zinc, and selenium. It has a nutty flavor stronger than that of wheat. For that reason it stands up well to homemade jam and deeply flavored maple syrup or raw honey. Not to mention that generous pat of grass-fed butter on top.

{freshly ground buckwheat flour}

Buckwheat has a short growing season and is known to grow fairly well in North America and is commonly used as a cover crop. I always like to experiment with foods that are unfamiliar to us and yet readily grow in our area. Who knows, maybe we’ll grow our own crop of buckwheat someday.

I also used this recipe as a way to use up sour milk ala this article. We aren’t fans of drinking our raw milk when it is past it’s prime, but who wants to waste it? This recipe uses up a great deal of this precious commodity… and makes a whole lot of pancakes.

{after mixing with sour milk}

Soaked Buckwheat Pancakes

Recipe Notes: The soaking step in this recipe helps to neutralize the phytic acid in the grain, making them more digestible and the nutrients more available. Culinarily speaking, though, the soaking process just makes for a lighter, tastier pancake. In testing this recipe I have used freshly ground toasted buckwheat for my flour option, though any buckwheat flour should work. Just make sure it is 100% buckwheat. Finally, this recipe makes a lot of pancakes which store well in the refrigerator for days and will freeze well for months.


  • 3 cups buckwheat flour
  • 3 cups soured raw milk or cultured buttermilk
  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 3/4 tsp fine grained sea salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • coconut oil or butter for frying


  1. 12-24 hours before you plan to serve the pancakes begin the soaking process. Mix buckwheat flour and sour milk or buttermilk until well combined (see above photo). Cover and place in a warm place (next to oven, on top of refrigerator) for 12-24 hours. The longer the better.
  2. In the morning start preheating your pan over medium-low heat.
  3. While that is heating mix all other ingredients into buckwheat flour/milk mixture. At this point it may be very bubbly, like a sourdough starter. Stir it down a bit, just to take a little air out of the batter. If you don’t do this your pancakes will literally have holes all the way through them.
  4. Add coconut oil or butter to your prehated pan. Ladle 1/4 cup of batter into pan for each pancake. Cook for 3-5 minutes, or until bubbles pop and the top dries out just a bit. Flip and cook for 2 more minutes on the other side, or until nicely browned.
  5. Serve with plenty of grass-fed butter or ghee (see sources) and homemade jam, syrup, molasses, molasses-honey spread, or raw honey.