It is one thing to say we’re going to move off-grid and start a homestead and it is an entirely different thing to do it. What you think might happen really doesn’t and what you envision your days looking like isn’t really a reality.

We’ve spent the past seven weeks learning that lesson, amongst others. You’ve got to get your basic needs met first before you can even consider work on food production projects. You know water, food, shelter, and waste management.

The last couple of weeks, however, we have started to see a glimmer of what could be. One day the Papa mentioned the winter garden and I said “Where? and hand me a shovel.” I guess all of this don’t lift heavy objects stuff had me itching to do some manual labor.

So we dug out three beds right next to our cabin and started the garden. One of them we turned into an hugelkultur bed after learning about them.

Little hands collected many, many rocks and sticks and planted big bulbs of garlic. Papa hands did pretty much all of the heavy lifting, planting, and planning. Mama hands took to the shovel and the rake and were actually caught on camera.

We also piped grey water out of the house and into a small hole containing lots of rocks to increase surface area and bacterial break down. This now helps to keep the hugelkultur bed moist.

We are thankful for this start to our little homestead and for the lesson that you have to start small and you have to start somewhere.