I love raw honey, but it is cloyingly sweet. Sometimes I want the flavor of raw honey without all of the sweetness.

I have found blackstrap molasses to be a nutritious counterpoint to the super sweet honey. Nutritionally it adds manganese, copper, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Make no mistake, blackstrap molasses is very strong, not ideal on its own. But in combination with the honey it makes a delightful spread on top of a buttered piece of bread.

This could barely be considered a recipe. This is the ratio of molasses to honey that we like. You can change it to suit your taste.

Molasses-Honey Spread

1 part blackstrap molasses
3 parts honey

Combine molasses and honey. Use as a spread on bread, biscuits, muffins or as a sweetener on popcorn. Store in the refrigerator.