I am excited to have a baking day planned for today. My husband and sons love their bread, but I haven’t been buying too much of it lately because of my own personal health concerns. After seeing them devour a loaf  of sourdough bread this week with no ill consequences I realized it’s time to let bread back in, for them at least. I plan to make a soaked yeasted dough recipe until I can get a sourdough starter going. A loaf of my coconut bread and maybe these sugar-free cranberry-walnut muffins will also go into the oven.

This week’s meals are nothing unique. I have a certain amount of produce leftover from last week’s trip to the farm that I need to use up by Friday. Saturday is our "Thanksgiving share" at our CSA so we will receive 30-40 pounds of produce, which I am excited about. Shall we get to the menu….


  • breakfast: eggs, butternut squash + butter, tea
  • dinner: Roasted chicken and vegetables (carrots, peppers, yams). salad w/ homemade dressing, baked potatoes + sour cream, carrot stics
  • prep: thaw beef, soak lentils, soak pintos, start stock, grind wheat and begin soaking for bread


  • breakfast: eggs, leftover porridge + butter
  • dinner: Taco salad: lettuce, seasoned beef, raw cheese, sour cream, cultured salsa, sprouted corn tortillas, crock pot pinto beans
  • prep: soak oats, bake soaked wheat bread, bake coconut bread, start pintos in crock pot, strain stock



  • breakfast: smoothies: yogurt, blueberries, coconut oil, stevia, eggs
  • dinner: Burgers + homemade buns, simple sauteed cabbage, carrot sticks + blue cheese dip
  • prep: pick up milk from farm, soak oats, make something for WAP meeting, thaw chicken



  • breakfast: Eggs, fruit + yogurt
  • dinner: Chicken cacciatore, brown rice, roasted beets
  • prep:

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