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In my limited experience, a homestead seems to be an ever-changing entity. I suppose if you get to a point of being established, the same crops are planted, the same animals tended, the same structures stand year after year. But we’re still in our homestead’s infancy… or perhaps that wobbly toddler stage where it looks as though falling is a foregone conclusion.

Some time ago we realized the most practical path to a barn, which is much-needed if we are to expand the milk operation, was to simply utilize the roof we had. With a bit more time, Stewart has been working on two major homestead projects – the barn and a garden expansion project, if the Lord wills.

And so the boys, thrilled with the prospect of demolition, helped Daddy to take apart that cabin, piece by piece. They took out the window that sat above our bed. They took out that little kitchen we made so many meals in. Gone went the space the wood stove sat and the walls that met the camper that made the entirety of our dwelling for three years.

All that is left now is the pallets that were the foundation on top of which rests the solar refrigerator and a big stack of hay. The camper will have to go as well before we begin building in earnest. And, if the Lord wills, the current thinking is to add a large water tank.

It’s funny how we really don’t know what will come of the homestead from year to year, or even day to day. But we pray the Lord would guide and direct our paths; that He would empty us of our hearts’ desires so that they may be filled with His, for His own glory.