You guys, I did not mean to disappear for that long – but then again, does anyone?

One of the places I have been is in the nearly daily milk shuffle. Mabel is such a giver and I don’t want to be a waster so its big glasses of milk, cream cheese, soft cheese, feta cheese, or cottage cheese at every meal.

And sometimes more than one.

I sometimes feel like I need to pinch myself at the gift of cream and milk and all of the other delicious goodies that everyone can eat. With a couple of us unable to eat pasteurized dairy, this whole climbing out from under the milk jar has meant butter and sour cream and cream cheese frosting and cheesecake they can actually eat.

And as the person who primarily does the kitchen-making, what a lot of fun it is to bring these items to the table. I am ever so grateful!

But I need to get back to the dishes… and the milk kefir grains… and that semi-hard cheese I sort of pressed and am going to try to age.

What fun stuff are you making?