We had been enjoying some cooler weather last week and unfortunately I got a little too comfortable. This week is a whole other story so while we’re sweating in the 90s I’ll be keeping things cool in the kitchen.

We’ve also been blessed with a good amount of lettuce every week. (Best lettuce we’ve ever grown.) So making huge salads every night is a must. Especially when there’s homemade ranch dressing teeming with good fats, friendly bacteria and enzymes.


  • breakfast: Muesli with dried apples and walnuts.
  • dinner: Grilled chicken, salad with avocado and garlic, green beans and beets cooked in packets on the grill.
  • prep: soak walnuts, make creme fraiche


  • breakfast: breakfast ice cream
  • dinner: club salads with leftover chicken, bacon, avocado, homemade ranch dressing
  • prep: make ranch dressing, make yogurt, make kimchi, soak oats for pancakes


  • breakfast: oatmeal and coconut flour pancakes
  • dinner: Gyro salads with cucumbers, red onion, and tzatziki.
  • prep: pick up milk & eggs from farm



  • breakfast: oatmeal and coconut flour pancakes with pastured butter, fried eggs
  • dinner: Fiesta Cabbage with beef, tomatoes, and vegetables. Dessert.
  • prep: Prep dessert early in the day.

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What are you cooking up this week?